Kaew Gallery Thailand

“ Art is my passion and now my full-time job.”

My name is Saengkaew Bongkotmat, but you can call me “Kaew” which you will see signed on all the paintings. I was born in Krabi province, Thailand on August 22, 1975. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education technology and I studied art as a minor, also.

I like painting when I was young. After University, I worked in business, but was not happy. I was making money but not finding fulfillment in my work.

Because of the unhappiness in my business life. I returned to painting full-time about 10 years ago, and discovered that this is really me. I began selling my art at the Chiang Mai Night Market, and now have a gallery and art shop in The Old City.

Art is my passion and now my full-time job. My goal is to capture Thai culture in the style of my paintings. I intend to continue my best artistic work, and improve my painting.

Thank you for your support of my art.